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China Compound Fertilizer Market Report
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2015-2016 China Compound Fertilizer Market Report

[Product Type]Market Research Report

[Published by]Fertilizer Department of China National Chemical Information Center

[Updated Date]May 2016

[Price]US $5,000.00 for English copy, RMB 20,000.00 for Chinese copy


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Chapter One: Overview  

1. Analysis of macro economic environment 

1.1 Basic conditions of China’s macro economic development      

1.2 Forecast of China’s macro economic development    

1.3 Analysis and forecast of international macro economic development     

2. Analysis of energy, agriculture, and grain environments

2.1 Analysis of energy environment     

2.2 Analysis of agricultural environment      

2.3 Analysis of grain environment 

Chapter Two: Overview of China’s Compound Fertilizer Industry   

1. Development of the compound fertilizer industry   

1.1 Overview of the compound fertilizers   

1.2 History and current status of compound fertilizer industry

2. Policy Environment for China’s compound fertilizer industry

Chapter Three: Analysis of Supply and Demand of China’s Compound Fertilizer Industry    

1. Analysis of supply of China’s compound fertilizer industry    

1.1 Chemical-method ternary compound fertilizer     

1.2 Physical-method NPKs     

1.3 Supply of compound fertilizers in China      

2. Analysis of demand of China’s compound fertilizer industry 

3. Economic situation and marketing condition of China’s ternary compound fertilizers

4. Development of China’s compound fertilizer enterprises      

4.1 China’s compound fertilizer enterprises and their products     

4.2 Rank of major compound fertilizer producers in China     

5. Analysis of supply-demand balance of China’s compound fertilizer industry     

6. Sales condition and trend of imported compound fertilizers 

6.1 Import and export of compound fertilizers from 2004 to 2015 

6.2 Sales condition of imported compound fertilizers      

7. Analysis of factors affecting the demand of China’s compound fertilizer industry    

7.1 Factors affecting China’s fertilizer demand  

7.2 Development trend of major influencing factors 

Chapter Four: Forecast for China’s Compound Fertilizer Industry 

1. Forecast of output and demand of China’s compound fertilizer industry   

2. Forecast of development trend of China’s compound fertilizer industry    

2.1 Development trend of China’s compound fertilizers  

2.2 Forecast of development of compound fertilizer products

3. Forecast of development of China’s compound fertilizer enterprises 

4. Forecast of price trend of compound fertilizers      

5. Forecast of import and export of China’s compound fertilizers    

6. Forecast of policy adjustment for China’s fertilizer industry  


Tab. 2-1 Requirements for Compound Fertilizer (complex fertilizers)     

Tab. 2-2 China Compound Fertilizer Application and its Proportion to Total Fertilizer Application in Recent Years

Tab. 3-1 Capacity of Compound Fertilizers Produced by Chemical Method (2004-2015)

Tab. 3-2 Output of Compound Fertilizers in Different Provinces Produced Chemical Method (2004-2015)

Tab. 3-3 China’s Compound Fertilizer Output (2004-2015)

Tab. 3-4 Apparent Consumption of Compound Fertilizers in China (2004-2015)

Tab. 3-5 Main Economic Indicators of China’s Compound Fertilizer Industry (2004-2015)

Tab. 3-6 Top 10 Domestic Compound Fertilizer Enterprises with Largest Output in 2014

Tab. 3-7 Supply and Demand Balance of China’s Compound Fertilizers (2004-2015)

Tab. 3-8 Import volume, Export Volume and value of Compound Fertilizers in China (2004-2015)

Tab. 3-9 Importer of Compound Fertilizer in China

Tab. 4-1 Forecast of Demand for Fertilizers in China

Tab. 4-2 Forecast of Compound Fertilizer Application in China (2016-2020)

Tab. 4-3 Number of Projects in Compound Fertilizer Industry  

Tab. 4-4 Chinese Quota of Compound Fertilizers with favorable tariff (2004-2015)    


Fig. 1-1 China Crude Oil Output (2004-2015)

Fig. 1-2 China Natural Gas Output (2004-2015)

Fig. 1-3 China Coal Output (2004-2015)

Fig. 2-1 China’s Consumption of Fertilizers and Compound Fertilizers in Recent Years     

Fig. 3-1 Structure of NPK Output in 2015    

Fig. 3-2 China’s Compound Fertilizer Output by Chemical and Physical Methods (2004-2015) 

Fig. 3-3 Evolution of Apparent Consumption of Compound Fertilizers in China (2004-2015)

Fig. 3-4 Top 10 Application Areas of Domestic Compound Fertilizers     

Fig. 3-5 Domestic Wholesale Prices of Low and High Concentration Compound Fertilizers

Fig. 3-6 Domestic Wholesale Prices of Ternary Compound Fertilizers    

Fig. 4-1 Forecast of Compound Fertilizer application in China (2016-2020)

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