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Instruction on Fertilizer Registration in China
2011-5-5 10:46:48     Editor:admin

According to “the Rules on the Management of Fertilizer registration” issued by the Ministry of Agriculture of the People’s Republic of china, all producers agents or trading agents outside China(including the ones in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) should apply for registration of inspection to the Ministry of Agriculture before the fertilizer is imported.

1 Applicant for registration of Inspection

The Applicants should be qualified enterprise independent legal persons who are producers and sellers of soil additive products or their agents. The applicants should submit the required application forms to the Inspection registration authorities dealing with the application for products inspection registration.

2 The period of Inspection Registration of Fertilizer and Soil Additive Products

The products inspection registration consists of two periods - temporary registration period and formal registration period.

When change of the product name, the enterprise name, the legal person of the enterprise or enlargement of the product usage is necessary during the period of effectiveness, an application for the amendment should be made.

3 When applying for products inspection registration, the legal documents of the enterprise as well as the relating technical documentation should be submitted.

4 When applying for products inspection registration, the sample should be submitted as well.

5 The time normally needed for registration of inspection is 2 months after the completion of all documents and samples supplied by the enterprise.

6 According to the corresponding rules stipulated by the country, application for registration must pay registration fee RMB2,000.00yuan and sample inspection fee around RMB2,000.00yuan etc.

7 National Center for Quality Supervision of Chemical Fertilizer (Beijing) (“The Center”) is assigned by the Ministry of Agriculture as the authority to collect applications for the fertilizer registration. The Center is responsible for putting the result of product inspection and the relevant documentation together and submitting it to related administration departments in the Ministry of Agriculture and “the Fertilizer Appreciation Committee of the Ministry of Agriculture”, in order to application appreciated. The Center will inform the applicant about the result of the evaluation.


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