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Essential Materials for Fertilizer Registration in China
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The Essential documents for application should consist of the following legal documents of the enterprise in 3 copies:

1 For foreign products and products produced in Hong Kong Macao and Taiwan, the enterprise registration license issued by the government of the country or district where the producing enterprise is located, the certificates of the country or permit and selling permit issued by fertilizer administration institutions, as well as documents identifying that the enterprise conforms with the regulations of quality control of fertilizer production. In addition, a statement describing how the product is used and registered in other countries is also required. All the above mentioned document should have relevant notaries issued by the notary authorities of the country/district where the enterprise is located, or be confirmed by the diplomatic(or institutions authorized by diplomatic institutions) of the country where the enterprise is located. In addition, foreign products should be acknowledged by the Chinese embassy or the consultant in the country where the enterprise is located.
2 Indicating the commercial name and chemical name of the product in its original language and the commercial name, chemical name and the structure formula or molecular formula of the main ingredients.
3 Submit written materials of the physical-chemical properties, data of quality control, method of inspection and relevant background of the products.
4 Submit Notary of certification on quality guarantee of the product issued by notary institution of the country where the enterprise is located. The technical specifications of the product should meet the technical requirements of the product registration as stipulated by the Ministry of Agriculture of the people’s Republic of China.
5 The foreign product sales agent should have legal documents of the power of attorney trusting him by the producer as the producer’s sales agent.

6 Requirements of the technical materials for temporary registration
Beside the documents proving the legality of the enterprise, the following detailed materials are required when applying for temporary registration:
6.1 The application form (in 2 copies ) for Fertilizer Inspection registration
6.2 Brief Introduction of Production in the Enterprise (in 2 copies );

Introduction on the technology applied by the enterprise; staff of productivity, productive equipment, raw materials and their proportion; productive technology flow chart; conditions of productive process etc. is required.
6.3 Method of the Analysis (in 2 copies );

An explanation of the analysis method for the ingredient of the product including chemical, physical and biological analysis is required. In case the analysis method is based on certain national standard, professional domain standard or internationally acknowledged analysis methods, the order number of the standard or the quoted paragraph is sufficient. Otherwise the detailed analysis method including the applied principle, instruments, chemical reagent, operation procedure, result calculation, tolerant deviation etc. has to be submitted.
6.4 Report on the effect of the fertilizer (in 2 copies );

The report on the effect of the fertilizer generally means a report on the result of harvest increase of cereal crops, vegetables,fruit trees, economical crops and other agricultural products, in a small area testing field, where the fertilizer is practiced. For certain fertilizer products used for certain special purposes (for example, used for environmental or ornamental plants etc.), related experience reports are also required.

In order to apply for registration, the foreign producers or their agents must trust the agricultural institutions at provincial or higher level to carry out tests on the effects of the fertilizer. The test reports should be chopped by the institution where the test was completed, and signed by the person who is responsible for the test. The specification of applicable technology should also be shown in the report. The institution and those responsible for the test should ensure that the content of report is true.

Two copies of the report on these effects of fertilizer are required for each kind of crops appropriating to the fertilizer. The test can be carried out in a single year but at two different places or at the same place but in two different years. The following details should be included in the report:
--name of the enterprise, category of the product, name of the product, type of chemical agent, ingredients and content:
--the crops tested, time, location, soil condition , district area;
--method, rate of use, repeated tests and control of different treatment;
--the result of biological statistical analysis on the data of the test ;
--effect on harvest increase, effect on product quality, influence on environment and economic benefits;
--recommendation of safe and efficient use , rate, the best growing stage for fertilizer practice, and warnings.
6.5Report on toxicity of the product (in 2 copies)

Reports on acute toxicity test issued by foreign inspection organizations or inland lawful hygiene inspection institutions. Equivalent to provincial or higher organization should be submitted . All applicants who are either unable to submit materials of toxicology or by whom the materials applicants who are either unable to submit materials of toxicology to by whom the materials submitted does not meet the requirements can trust the institution dealing with the registration application to send samples for the toxicity test.
6.6 Tag of the product (in2 copies)

The design scheme of the tag of product is required to be handed over . The content of tag should contain; merchandise of the product, package specifications, net weight, registration number of the product, content of active ingredient ,limit of heavy metals, name of the enterprise, origin of manufacture (country or district), the Chinese legally registered name, address, phone number of the agent, productive date , lot number , term of quality guarantee, recommended method for safety and effectiveness, rate of use, the best growing stage for fertilizer practice, warning signs or warning instructions in Chinese ,notice for storage and transportation.
7 samples of the fertilizer

When applying for temporary registration ,a 600ml or 600g sample of the fertilizer showing the date of trial production is to be submitted, For detailed information please refer to bulletin No.161”Requirements on materials for Registration of Fertilizers “(only Chinese) issued by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Materials of the people's Republic of China.


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