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Urea in China-Five Year Forecast and Market Analysis to 2020
2012-4-24 9:31:06     Editor:admin

Dear Sir/Madam,

China National Chemical Information Center (CNCIC) has launched the report of Urea in China - Five Year Forecast and Market Analysis to 2020, giving you reliable and robust information on Chinese urea industry. Thousands of fertilizer market participants worldwide rely on CNCIC reports. Based on the CNCIC principles of accuracy, independence and impartiality, these reports will give you unparalleled and authoritative assessments of the market.



Key issues addressed in this new report...

  • China’s urea industry developed rapidly in recent years. At the end of 2011, urea capacity has reached 66.19 million tons, and urea output was 57.75 million tons. Both were the largest in the world. Along with urea producers’ recombination, the number of urea enterprises each with capacity of over one million tons per year has arrived at 22.

  • China’s urea production is based mainly on coal. The output of coal-based ammonia and natural gas-based ammonia accounts for 76% and 24% respectively of the total. Due to rising prices of raw materials, urea prices stayed at a high level in 2011. In addition, affected by the strict export policy, China’s urea export decreased sharply in 2011.

  • Although urea capacity is oversupply in China, there are still many new comers who would like to construct new capacities, purchase closed plants or co-operate with existing producers.




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