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China Ammonium Sulfate Market Research
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Ammonium sulfate contains two nutrition elements: nitrogen and sulfur. It is mainly used as a kind of nitrogen fertilizer. Meanwhile, it is also an important sulfur fertilizer applied widely in the world. As a kind of ammonium nitrogen fertilizer, ammonium sulfate can be absorbed by plants easily. It is an ideal top application fertilizer, seed fertilizer and base fertilizer. Ammonium sulfate is suitable for alkaline soil and sulfur-lacking soil.

China’s coke output was 183.28 million tons in the first half of 2012, up 6.44% from 172.20 million tons in January - May of last year. In addition, ammonium sulfate output from caprolactam production and the desulfurization of flue gas at electric power plants is increasing. China’s ammonium sulfate output in the first half of this year is estimated to have been about 2.0 million tons, a record high.

Demand for ammonium sulfate from NPK production was high. Although the demand for ammonium sulfate in rare-earth production was soft, the total demand for ammonium sulfate was increased.  

China exports about 30% of its ammonium sulfate output annually without collecting export tax. China produced about 3.5m tons of ammonium sulfate in 2011, about 500kt more than last year. However, China exported 1.8m tons of ammonium sulfate in 2011, 601kt more than 2010. Driving by rising demand from international markets and domestic rare earth industry, ammonium sulfate prices increased sharply and its supply had been tight in 2011.

The ammonium sulfate industry is supported by many preferential policies such as no export tariff, rebate of value-added tax (50%), favorable railway transportation freight rate, and financial support for off season reserves. Prices of ammonium sulfate are estimated to grow slightly in the future.



1 Overview of ammonium sulfate
1.1 Definition
1.1.1 Physical and chemical properties
1.1.2 Major applications
1.1.3 Product quality standard
1.2 Fertilization of ammonium sulfate
1.3 Overview of China’s ammonium sulfate industry
2 Analysis of ammonium sulfate production in China
2.1 Overview of ammonium sulfate production
2.1.1 Production of ammonium sulfate from coke oven gas
2.1.2 Ammonium sulfate based on by-product of caprolactam production
2.1.3 Ammonium sulfate based on by-products of other industries
2.2 Analysis of output of ammonium sulfate
2.3 Major players and their production
2.3.1 Capacity and output of major players
2.3.2 Distribution of capacity
2.4 Overview of major ammonium sulfate enterprises
3 Analysis of ammonium sulfate consumption in China
3.1 Consumption structure of ammonium sulfate
3.2 Analysis of agricultural consumption of ammonium sulfate
3.3 Industrial consumption of ammonium sulfate
3.4 Sales of ammonium sulfate
3.5 Domestic supply and demand of ammonium sulfate
4 Competitiveness of ammonium sulfate over other nitrogen fertilizers
5 Analysis of import and export of ammonium sulfate
5.1 Import and export volume of ammonium sulfate
5.2 Analysis of export of ammonium sulfate
5.3 Domestic exporters of ammonium sulfate
5.4 Outlook of import and export of ammonium sulfate
6 Related industrial policy on ammonium sulfate
7 Analysis of price of ammonium sulfate
7.1 Analysis of price of ammonium sulfate
7.2 Difference between export price and domestic sales price of ammonium sulfate
8 Outlook of supply and demand of ammonium sulfate
8.1 Outlook of capacity of ammonium sulfate
8.2 Outlook of demand for ammonium sulfate
8.2.1 Ammonium sulfate applied on farmland directly
8.2.2 Ammonium sulfate used to produce compound fertilizers
8.2.3 Outlook of industrial demand for ammonium sulfate
8.2.4 Outlook of export volume
8.3 Outlook of domestic consumption structure of ammonium sulfate in 2017
9 Outlook of price of ammonium sulfate
9.1 Factors to influence price of ammonium sulfate
9.2 Outlook of price of ammonium sulfate

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